Introducing OneCloud Recovery – Bridging the Gap Between the Data Center and the Public Cloud
Author: Marc Crespi Posted: Nov 03, 2014

Disaster recovery has always been a major challenge for IT departments. Even with the advent of server virtualization and other technologies, which have simplified DR implementation and some aspects of on-going management, DR is still a costly and complex undertaking. For those applications that do not require high availability, but are still mission- and business-critical (and house most of a business’ data), the decision as to which applications to spend money on for true disaster recovery remains a struggle. Realistically, those applications only require DR with RTOs and RPOs in the 15 minutes to 24 hours range, but there has not been a solution — even among those that are cloud-based — that met those modest goals without still requiring an expensive, redundant data center infrastructure. Therefore, organizations either over-spend providing DR, or under-protect by just doing simple backups.

Today, we are introducing OneCloud Recovery (OCR), which securely integrates existing Data Centers with Amazon Web Services (AWS), bridging the gap between the data center and the large-scale public cloud. OCR provides the automation, scalability, and efficiency necessary to use a hybrid cloud for cost-optimized disaster recovery and business continuity that goes well beyond backup. Through our Automated Cloud Engine™ (ACE), OneCloud Recovery fully automates the creation of a virtual data center in AWS, replacing the need for costly secondary data centers filled with redundant infrastructure.

By developing OneCloud Recovery, we are giving companies a hybrid cloud solution for disaster recovery that is dramatically easier, faster and less expensive than alternatives in the market today. This is a unique solution that allows service providers and enterprises to remove the challenges of DR and ensure protection of all their business-critical applications. 

To learn more, see our press release issued today: OneCloud Software Announces OneCloud Recovery for Integrating Existing Data Centers with Public Cloud Resources.”