Cloud Reliability Continues to Rise
Author: Marc Crespi Posted: Feb 23, 2015

Its been an amazing few decades to be alive and to watch the amount of new technology that has enhanced our lives.  As equally amazing as watching these technologies come into the market is watching them mature through initial growing pains into robust and reliable services while prices simultaneously fall.  Take for example the public telephony system.  If you go back several decades, it was prone to outages and was very expensive.  Now, you almost never hear of a telephony  outage and the prices have collapsed.

A more recent example is the Internet.  If you go back as little as 15 to 20 years, the Internet was dominated by slow, expensive, and unreliable dial up connectivity for most consumers.  And it was not uncommon to hear about significant disruptions on the Internet itself.  Consider how often you hear about Internet outages today.  In fact, we are now using it as a substitute for the highly reliable public telephony switched network (PSTN).

And now enter the public cloud.  Public cloud computing promises to revolutionize the way IT organizations deliver services to the businesses they support.   We are now less than 10 years into this latest technology revolution and naturally stories of disruptions and outages, while not commonplace, still do in fact happen.

As with previous technology transformations, vendors offering these services enter the market at different times and their offerings tend to mature at different rates.  In the case of public cloud computing, Amazon’s Web Services clearly is the most mature offering on the market in terms of functionality, cost, and most importantly, reliability.

Take the article by Mike Wheatly from Silicon Angle that cites two different sources showing that AWS  holds a significant lead over both Google and Microsoft  in reliability.  And AWS is not stopping there.  As the article states AWS saw a 488% increase in reliability in 2014 alone.

The good news for users is that all of the platforms are progressing toward sustained reliability.  And in fact, public cloud computing in general is at a point where its reliability  is appropriate for many IT workloads and use cases. Clearly for near-term public cloud computing uses, AWS should be at the top of the list for consideration.