Reflections on AWS Summit – San Francisco – April 9th, 2015
Author: Marc Crespi Posted: Apr 23, 2015

One of the typical definitions of the word “summit” refers to the top of a mountain.  It seems to imply a very tall mountain, as we never refer to the summit of a small hill.  Further, when we think of the summit of a mountain such as Everest, or Kilimanjaro, we think of snow-covered peaks due to the altitude.

Therefore, it was with some irony that the OneCloud Software team packed up our bags to leave the snowy Boston area (yes, there were still copious amounts of snow in early April) to attend the Amazon Web Services Summit in San Francisco on April 9th.  As if to make an even stronger point about the Boston climate, San Francisco was as warm and beautiful as I have ever seen.  During breaks I found myself sitting outside in one of the lush green parks, basking in the sunshine, and enjoying the vibe of this world-class city.

But back to the word of the day – summit.  Summit does in fact refer to the top of something, the peak, and a goal to be reached.  And clearly, the AWS Summit event proves once again that Amazon is at the summit of the massive public cloud market.  With more than 10,000 on-site registered attendees and 7000 remote attendees, the event itself was alive with participants from enterprise IT organizations, service providers, venture capitalists, and press and analysts.  The AWS partners who were there to exhibit were surrounded by interested parties who wanted to know more about how their wares could help them leverage this agile and powerful infrastructure known as Amazon Web Services.


AWS Summit Booth picture

The OneCloud Software booth was perpetually crowded (see photo) with folks who wanted to automate their disaster recovery operations using the public cloud while simultaneously slashing the costs by as much as 70%.  Those of us from OneCloud who were staffing the booth were literally hoarse from explaining our product and value throughout the day, describing how simple and cost effective it can be to use AWS as a virtual disaster recovery site for a VMware based data center.   And we left the event with a significant number of prospects that want to hear a lot more from us in the coming weeks.

So as OneCloud Software rapidly approaches the general availability of our product, we are proud to have ascended to the AWS Summit, planted our flag, and reaped the rewards of partnering with the leader in the public cloud computing space.  And this will not be the last summit we plan to reach.