OneCloud Software Announces OneCloud Recovery For Integrating Existing Data Centers with Cloud Resources
First vendor to truly automate cloud-based disaster recovery, making it efficient and affordable for all enterprises

BOSTON – November 4, 2014 – OneCloud Software, a leader in the fast-growing hybrid cloud management market today announced its OneCloud Recovery (OCR) software for integrating existing data centers securely with Amazon Web Services (AWS). OCR bridges the gap between the data center and the large-scale public cloud by providing the automation, scalability, and efficiency necessary to use a hybrid cloud for cost-optimized disaster recovery and business continuity.

Through its patent pending Automated Cloud Engine™ (ACE), OneCloud Recovery fully automates the creation of a virtual data center in AWS, replacing the need for costly secondary data centers filled with redundant infrastructure. OCR quickly and simply:

  • Integrates into an existing VMware environment as a virtual appliance;
  • Auto-discovers a company’s primary infrastructure;
  • Automatically creates a virtual data center replica in AWS;
  • Allows the configuration of simple policies based on RPO/RTO;
  • Provides robust failover, failback, and testing capabilities; and
  • Achieves service levels that are not possible with legacy techniques such as backup.

With OneCloud Recovery, companies have a hybrid cloud solution for disaster recovery that is dramatically easier, faster and less expensive than alternatives in the market today. OCR also eliminates the need for extensive cloud knowledge on the part of the user. With little operational overhead, OCR automatically sets up a secure replica of the data center in the cloud, thereby eliminating manual cloud provisioning and management.

OneCloud Recovery uses unique technology to optimize for cloud economics, capacity and compute. Resources are allocated and consumed only as needed, reducing the cost of data protection. Companies pay for only what they use, achieving broad data protection at a fraction of the cost of standard solutions.

OneCloud Recovery also ensures the security of both the applications and the data in the cloud through complete data encryption. A unified view provides a simple, single screen for efficient cloud management.

With OneCloud Recovery, companies ultimately possess a remarkably simple, flexible and cost-effective enterprise data center extension in the cloud.

“The cloud is a powerful resource that provides flexibility and operational cost advantages, but creating a replica virtual data center in the cloud for DR that is secure and cost-optimized can be a daunting task,” said Marc Crespi, CEO at OneCloud Software. “The OneCloud Recovery solution dramatically simplifies that process, making it fast and affordable for customers to protect their data and applications in a hybrid cloud environment.”

Customer Validation

“We’re excited to be working with OneCloud Software as part of their Early Access Program,” said John Masso, senior IT director at Momenta Pharmaceuticals. “Our IT staff has been able to easily use this highly automated product to protect and successfully restore applications in the AWS Cloud. We look forward to more efficiently delivering Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity to the business at a significantly lower expense when the commercial version of the software is available.”

Partner Validation

“OneCloud Recovery allows Coretelligent to deliver significant value to our customers in the form of Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity protection,” said Kevin Routhier, founder and CEO at Coretelligent. “Not only does it simplify our customers’ lives, but it delivers full protection and recovery with minimal management by our staff. We are excited to be partnering with this innovative company.”

“We were looking to add a hyperscale cloud offering to our portfolio that could disrupt the market and found that with OneCloud Recovery,” said Joseph Paquet, vice president, Vendor Alliance and Relations at Axis Business Solutions. “The advantage of OneCloud’s solution is that it is offered at an attractive price point and at a scale the competition can’t match.”

Analyst Reaction

“The combination of virtualization (which makes servers portable) and the cloud (which provides an economic secondary site) is making DR attainable to organizations that could not have imagined it even a few years ago – but the process of deploying that combination for DR can be far from easy. OneCloud Software dramatically simplifies the configuration and operation of a hybrid VMware environment,” said Jason Buffington, senior data protection analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “Combining that finesse with a service model that is truly RTO/RPO centric makes a lot of sense and should appeal to organizations that are looking for a hybrid DR strategy. OneCloud will certainly be something to watch in 2015 as customers discover what makes its solution unique.”

For a demo of the new OneCloud Recovery capabilities, visit OneCloud Software in Kiosk # K10 at AWS Re:Invent, November 11-14, in Las Vegas.


The OneCloud Recovery solution is available next quarter from OneCloud and its partners. For customers wishing to take advantage of automated DR in the cloud today, OneCloud is offering an Early Access Program at no cost. If interested in testing the solution now, please go to

About OneCloud Software

OneCloud Software simply and cost effectively unlocks the power of the public cloud as a secure enterprise data center extension. Through its patented Automated Cloud Engine™ (ACE), OneCloud quickly and simply auto-discovers a company’s primary infrastructure and sets up a cost optimized replica in the cloud. Policy management capabilities enable business driven protection guidelines for applications and data, and the resulting hybrid cloud includes the automation, scalability and efficiency necessary for applications like disaster recovery and business continuity. OneCloud Software, Simplifying the Cloud. For more information, visit

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