Industry Recap – January 2016
Author: Marc Crespi Posted: Feb 02, 2016

You can’t go far in January without seeing the term “new year, new you” – and that’s no different for the tech industry. Industry wide, companies are updating their plans for 2016 and they largely seem to be around the hybrid cloud and disaster recovery adoption.

We made some moves here as well. We hired Mike Thompson as CEO who brings vast experience and industry knowledge to OneCloud, its customers and partners. As for me, I will be working closely with Mike and the team, leading alliances and partners as the vice president of technical alliances and partnerships.

Looking at the industry, here are some stories that stood out to us in January.

DR will Continue to Grow in 2016 Thanks to the Cloud

CloudTech: The cloud is the limit: Disaster recovery, compliance, and other key 2015 trends
By Monica Brink (@MonicaBrink)
We are well into the first month of 2016, and many predictions from the cloud sector have started to reveal different trends that we may see over the next 12 months. Another trend in 2015 was that Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service continued to claw its way to the top of CIO priority lists. With IT budgets tight and faster adoption of cloud in general, we’ve noticed a growing comfort level and confidence in cloud-based disaster recovery solutions. As seen currently in the UK with the floods affecting the north of England, disaster recovery is not an area that should be overlooked; marketing company Pi Industries recently implemented a disaster recovery solution and has urged other businesses to do the same.

All Signs Point to a Huge Year for the Hybrid Cloud

Network World: Why 2015 was the year of the cloud, and 2016 will be too
By Frederic Paul (@TheFreditor)
2015 was the year that cloud computing went mainstream, becoming a preferred option for everyone from individuals to giant, conservative enterprises. In 2016, the cloud—and I’m talking the public cloud, not the un-cloud that’s often called the “private cloud”—will increasingly become the default option for everything from storage to computing to apps to analytics. In fact, I’m convinced we’re going to see more and more instances where companies rip and replace functioning on-premise solutions to move to the cloud.

CloudTech: How growing hybrid cloud usage will double in two years
By David H. Dean (@dhdeans)
Cloud enables IT agility, empowers DevOps teams and helps to transform legacy business models. The fifth annual Future of Cloud Computing survey investigates key trends in corporate cloud usage. This year’s insightful survey findings offer perspective from cloud service practitioners across all industry sectors. “Cloud has been gaining momentum year-over-year since the Future of Cloud Computing survey was launched five years ago. Looking at the adoption rates and trends at such a detailed level, it’s undeniable that the most successful technology leaders of today and tomorrow are scaling in the cloud,” said Jim Moran, General Partner at North Bridge.

CIO: Hybrid clouds are hot, SDNs and DevOps coming on strong
By Clint Boulton (@ClintBoulton)
Eighty-one percent of 3,000 vice presidents of IT, network and infrastructure architects surveyed last summer by F5 Networks fit that profile, indicating that they plan on operating a hybrid cloud environment in the next two to five years, says Karl Triebes, CTO of the application services provider. He says some respondents are also considering migrating their networking systems to software-defined networks (SDNs), and embracing DevOps to gain greater operational efficiencies.

Feel free to share with us on Twitter some of your favorites and let us know what topics you were talking about in January – or plan to be talking about in next month.

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