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Today’s enterprises are facing an exponential growth in data and applications that must be managed and protected. At the same time, traditional disaster recovery programs remain difficult to maintain and prohibitively expensive to implement. Companies are left with a few choices:

  • Just perform data backups

  • In addition to basic backups, spend significant dollars on a small number of applications to deliver high availability while leaving the remaining applications under-protected.

  • Protect many applications at a higher service level and cost than necessary due to a lack of more suitable alternatives.

This problem is known as the Recovery Dis-continuum.


OneCloud Software’s Recovery solution solves the Recovery Dis-continuum by enabling enterprises and service providers to offer robust disaster recovery and business continuity that is simpler and far less expensive than traditional approaches available on the market today. OneCloud Recovery allows organizations to customize the level of protection and cost directly to the criticality of the application and data.



OneCloud Recovery provides full disaster recovery and business continuity by unlocking the power of the hyper-scale public cloud infrastructure of Amazon’s AWS, making it a natural extension of your primary data center.

Until now, enterprise disaster recovery involved secondary data centers, redundant storage and servers, complex networking, and high costs.


Redundant infrastructure is inherently expensive to design, provision, and manage whether delivered as an in-house DR solution or outsourced to a third party providers.

Leveraging the public cloud as a DR site has long been recognized as an ideal use-case. But, given the public cloud’s availability for some time now, why haven’t more enterprises recognized the role it can play in providing a platform for DR and BC? The answer in a word: complexity. The public cloud is a very powerful platform for a variety of uses, with a number of options available for provisioning applications, data, networking and so on. With that power, however, comes the complexity of understanding what functionality all of the options provide and at what cost. Something has been missing.


OneCloud Recovery has been the missing piece of the puzzle, until now. An easy to use management application that automates the process of DR/BC, Recovery allows the IT professional to just specify the business objectives (RPO and RTO) for their on-premise applications and data. The OneCloud software then automatically navigates the thousands of provisioning choices to create a fully functioning virtual data center in the cloud.

To use OneCloud Recovery, just install the OneCloud Virtual Appliance, and then the software:

  • Auto discovers your on-premise assets; data and applications

  • Provides you with a simple policy engine to set RPO and RTO

  • Automatically provisions a fully functioning virtual data center in the cloud that mirrors your on-premise data center

  • Optimizes the economics of your data center in the cloud by eliminating unneeded compute costs and using the most cost-effective storage

  • Executes on-going data replication to keep the virtual data center in sync with the physical data center based on your RPO choices

  • Allows you to perform non-disruptive DR testing whenever needed

  • Provides failover and failback capabilities as needed


Now, in the event of a failover, one or more of your organization’s applications can be quickly recovered from the public cloud.



While there may be other cloud-based DR offerings, very few harness the power of AWS, and none include the OneCloud Cost Engine.  OneCloud’s Cost Engine contains detailed knowledge of exactly how AWS charges for resources, and constantly employs the least expensive approaches for provisioning, compute resources, and data manipulation.  As a result, OneCloud Recovery can deliver a better, more automated Disaster Recovery in the cloud solution at 50% or greater the savings over other solutions.

In Summary, OneCloud Recovery provides the following benefits:


  • Works with your existing VMware environment

  • Low operational overhead

  • Eliminates manual cloud provisioning and management

  • Quickly recovers key applications

  • Non-disruptive testing


  • Protect all or portions of your VMware environment

  • Match RTO/RPO to application criticality

  • Include more applications in your DR/BC strategy

  • Choose geography for optimized protection

  • Easily add or remove applications to/from your DR/BC strategy


  • Enterprise class solution

  • Optimized to utilize cloud in a cost effective manner

  • Automated resource optimization – pay for only what you need

  • Broad DR protection for a fraction of the cost

  • No CAPEX for DR site

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity are now far less complex and much more cost effective with the OneCloud Recovery solution.

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