Top 5 Best Alternatives to OtsAV DJ 2019


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OtsAV DJ is a PC-based professional digital media playout system for the Windows platform used by DJs, broadcasters, venues & music / video solution providers. OtsAV is the premier AV software, with first-class automation and full manual control, in popular use since 1999.

It offers enhanced sound features, volume management, integrated dynamics processor, automated mixing, virtual scratch effects, hourly and daily scheduling and song cues. The program can import your audio files into it`s searchable media library which allows you to quickly access songs by clicking on genre buttons. Other features include playback logs, playlists, album cover display (if available), AutoDJ, visual effects and more. OtsDJ also includes a remote access server that lets you control the main features from any browser on your network.

OtsAV DJ Key Features

- Intelligent Automated Fade-mixing.
- High quality time-scaling / tempo deck sliders (up to +/-100%).
- Professional broadcast dynamics processor.
- Live Scratching. Manipulate OtsAV DJ's virtual turntable any way you like and hear the exact same sound you would hear with real vinyl.
- ASIO driver support. Ultra low-latency support.
- Media Library with OMQL support. Organise your media and powerfully query the Media Library with the Ots Media Query Language to aid with finding suitable items and creating incredibly intelligent playlists.

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Best Alternative to OtsAV DJ


CuteDJ is a very interesting application for those who want to be a professional or amateur DJ. The features it offers guarantee ample management in reproductions.

Anyway, the interface is modern and has great visual appeal, thus very well organized. This characteristic is essential to make an application such as CuteDJ usable and practical, without too many hidden things - which, let us face it, is essential to a good program of its kind.

In short, those looking for a DJ program have found here a great option, which deserves attention and should handle many needs of a professional on the field.

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Key Features:
- Easily mixing audio, music video and karaoke on Windows or Mac.
- Seamless transitions and beat-precise mixing.
- Instantly synchronize two tracks and beat-matching.
- Over 70 zero-configure controllers supported and MIDI LEARN feature.
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