Top 5 Best Alternatives to Genie Backup Manager 2019

Genie Backup Manager

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Genie Backup Manager is a very complete tool for creating backups of all the data you store on your PC. It is easy and effective with Genie Backup Manager.

The application's step-by-step wizard is very useful and makes the job easier. It does not matter even if you do not have much experience. Making customized backups is really easy and quick with Genie Backup Manager.

The program makes full copies or, if you prefer, you can only add the latest changes to a previous backup. You can also choose dates for Genie Backup Manager to make periodic backups automatically. To ensure maximum security, copies can be encrypted and protected by passwords.

You can use the program’s online service to save the copies you made in the hard disk, the network, or via FTP, a USB key, or an external server. Although it is not Portuguese, the Genie Backup Manager interface is very well organized and relatively easy to understand.

Some features are disabled in the trial version of the program and must be downloaded and installed individually. Even so, the efficiency and ease-of-use of Genie Backup Manager makes it worth the try.

Genie Backup Manager Key Features

- Three backup types; Full, incremental, and mirror.
- Backup from My Profile, My Folders, and My Plugins for full protection.
- Keep your backup safe with military-level encryption.
- View and restore your backups without GBM.
- Run backup jobs manually or via schedule.
- Protect your computer from hardware failures, crashes and viruses with Disaster Recovery.

Genie Backup Manager Screenshot

Genie Backup Manager

Best Alternative to Genie Backup Manager

AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI Backuper is a tool for performing backups on your computer. The program can back up individual files, folders, hard disk partitions or even the entire system. AOMEI’s software with System Backup, Disk Backup, Partition and Volume Backup, System Recovery, Disk and Partition Recovery and Selective file restore features will ensure the safety of your data.

In addition to backup and restore functions, AOMEI Backuper supports cloning operations with Disk Clone and Partition and Volume Clone features. You can even "clone" your old HD and send all the data to another disk without worrying about a new Windows installation and stuff like that.

The tool still provides several backup restore options when you need to do some system cleanup and need to take your files off the road temporarily. When this process is complete, AOMEI Backuper puts your data in the same place as before.

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Key Features:
Backup Options: file backup, system backup, disk/partition backup, etc.
Clone Options: disk clone, partition clone, system clone.
Supports schedule backup, incremental backup and differential backup.
Support dissimilar hardware restore.
Utilities: PXE boot tool, merge images, create bootable disk, check image.
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