Top 5 Best Alternatives to EaseUS Todo Backup 2019

EaseUS Todo Backup

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Easeus Todo Backup is a system backup tool for Windows that allows you to protect your data against loss. It generates backups of the files written to your computer and still offers the option to clone your data to a complete restore on another computer or hard drive. This eliminates the need to reinstall and configure a new computer or a new system disk.

Data restoration can be done with the program itself, which recovers system files and partition information from the generated image, it has image verification tools, which ensures the integrity of the data. Another option to restore the data is to use a boot disk created in the program itself that boots the computer and provides the basic features for burning.

The novelty of EASEUS Todo Backup software is due to some additional features that have been implemented in relation to previous versions, one of them is the incremental backup function, offering a very practical and useful solution for backing up large amounts of data, the secret is to perform the Copy bits individually, just adding what has not yet been copied.

Another new possibility is to schedule backups for specific days, weekly, monthly or even through a specific event, for example, before shutting down the computer, logging on or logging in the system among other possibilities.

Easeus Todo Backup allows you to better manage the information to be copied, choosing from folders or individual files in situations where the user only needs to copy some specific data, as well as upload information to an FTP server and also create virtual hard disks for use in programs with The VMware Workstation or Microsoft Virtual PC.

EaseUS Todo Backup Key Features

- Easy to backup entire PC fast in a safe way.
- Cutting-edge image backup software at competitive price.
- Backup everything important and get all recovered when disasters occur.

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EASEUS Todo Backup

Best Alternative to EaseUS Todo Backup

AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI Backuper is a tool for performing backups on your computer. The program can back up individual files, folders, hard disk partitions or even the entire system. AOMEI’s software with System Backup, Disk Backup, Partition and Volume Backup, System Recovery, Disk and Partition Recovery and Selective file restore features will ensure the safety of your data.

In addition to backup and restore functions, AOMEI Backuper supports cloning operations with Disk Clone and Partition and Volume Clone features. You can even "clone" your old HD and send all the data to another disk without worrying about a new Windows installation and stuff like that.

The tool still provides several backup restore options when you need to do some system cleanup and need to take your files off the road temporarily. When this process is complete, AOMEI Backuper puts your data in the same place as before.

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Key Features:
Backup Options: file backup, system backup, disk/partition backup, etc.
Clone Options: disk clone, partition clone, system clone.
Supports schedule backup, incremental backup and differential backup.
Support dissimilar hardware restore.
Utilities: PXE boot tool, merge images, create bootable disk, check image.
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